Mobile Ad Effectiveness Helps Drive Investment

Whether or not the “year of mobile” ever comes—or has already passed—mobile ad spending is on the rise, largely due to the increasing smartphone and mobile web populations.
Mobile display ad effectiveness is another factor driving marketer investment. Studies from InsightExpressMediaMind (formerly Eyeblaster), and, as of Q3 2011, Dynamic Logic, have all demonstrated mobile display advertising to be more effective than online display advertising.

In a press release, Dynamic Logic noted that mobile advertising’s effectiveness is driven in large part by its relative novelty. However, the digital insights and solutions firm pointed to three additional key factors:
  • The larger proportion of the mobile screen that is devoted to ads relative to online
  • Generally more focused messaging and content due to screen size and overall technology constraints
  • Better targeting than most other media
Still, with the wide discrepancy between the best- and worst-performing campaigns sampled, Dynamic Logic concluded that as the novelty of mobile display ads wears off, compelling creative and relevant messaging will become more important for continued ad effectiveness.
eMarketer expects mobile ad spending in the US to reach $1.23 billion this year, 65% more than in 2010. Growth rates will moderate as the medium matures.

US Mobile Ad Spending, 2010-2015 (millions and % change)

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