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I'm Jason Kiwaluk

Digital Marketing and eCommerce

I plan, build, and optimize online advertising campaigns that reach millions of people on platforms like Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat and more. I specialize in lead generation, user acquisition, driving ecommerce sales, and brand building through evidence-based refinement of each campaign's performance data.

I help companies ask the right business questions, extract the data to get the answers, and devise growth strategies based on the information. I work with all types of digitally enabled businesses including SaaS, eCommerce, Social, Enterprise and Mobile Gaming.

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Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Pay Per Click Advertising
Reporting + Analytics
Conversion Rate Optimization
Digital PR
  • Specialization Strategy, eCommerce, Digital Marketing
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  • Freelance till April 15, 2020
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Digital Services

Digital Strategy

Custom strategies that ensure your online investments will drive results. From social to SEO to online advertising, my performance-based approach to digital is designed to fit your business goals and drive ROI.

Keyword + Market Research

Strategic SEO that prioritizes a balance of search presence + user experience. As a Premier Google Partner, I create + manage pay per click campaigns that build brand impressions, drive qualified traffic, and create opportunities for lead generation and online sales to maximize returns.

Ecommerce Consultancy

I help brands, partners and marketers push their results and drive conversions in the digital space. I focus on the factors that turn curiosity into clicks, clicks into conversions, and conversions into loyal customers.


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Digital marketing that knows the power of creative ideas + great design drives 2x, 4x, 10x ROI for your digital efforts.

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  • Phone250-929-2920
  • Address957 Deloume Rd, Mill Bay BC. Canada V0R 2P1