Friday, June 03, 2011

Google ‘Sunsets’ AdMob’s Cross-Promotion Download Exchange

It looks like Google is sunsetting a cross-promotion feature that mobile ad network AdMob previously offered. The AdMob Download Exchange allowed mobile app developers who had an application with available ad space to serve ads that promote other applications in the AdMob exchange. In return, their apps were promoted on other apps in the network.

Apparently, Google sent all developers who are participants in the exchange an email informing them that the AdMob Download Exchange is being ‘sunset’ and ‘will no longer operate after June 8, 2011.’ From Google’s email: This will allow us to focus our efforts on further developing our suite of publisher tools.

Google is encouraging developers to use the network’s House Ads, which allows you to cross-promote your own products within your own apps. The search giant is also encouraging developers to use Google AdSense ads to improve “fill-rates and increase your revenue potential.”

The problem with House Ads is that they don’t allow you to promote on other developers apps and reach new audiences, which was the benefit of the Exchange. And developers got the inventory for free. It’s unclear if Google will add this functionality into House ads, but sunsetting the feature all together may not make developers too happy with AdMob.

Update: Google has confirmed to us that the AdMob Download Exchange has been shut down.

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