DLC poses no threat to retail, according to Gamestop

With games like Warhawk and Gran Turismo: Prologue debuting on both retail shelves and the downloadable scene simultaneously, as well as Burnout Paradise blazing the way for post-release conversions to digital distribution, many have wondered how retailers were going to compensate for the lost business.

If COO of Gamestop, Dan DeMatteo is to be believed, there is no need for concern. Shortly after the release of their latest financial reports, DeMatteo told Gamasutra they “don’t expect full distribution of new games to be a threat due to game size.” You can’t really blame him for being confident after Gamestop’s latest financial numbers show a $1.8 billion sales figure. If you were making that kind of money, it might be hard to think about anything else anyway.

via Mike Wehner @ thatvideogameblog

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