Games industry professionals believe that digital download sales figures will top boxed retail sales by the 2015, with many suggesting that 2013 will be the year.

The digital download revolution is coming! At least, that’s according to various games industry professionals in a survey conducted by the London Games Conference this week.
A thousand games industry executives were asked which year they believed digital download sales would overtake boxed retail sales, and more than half agreed that 2015 would be the latest this would happen.
In fact, the year with the most votes was 2013, with 23 percent of those surveyed saying downloads will beat boxed retail in two years’ time.
“The results of our survey show that many think time is running out for the disc-based game,” commented MCV editor Michael French.
“And while the majority say that the digital sales of games will overtake physical in 2013, most agree the transition will be done by 2015.” French added that this was “proof that videogames are heading for an online tipping point.”
Digital download service Steam (pictured), from Valve Software, has led PC digital distribution since its launch in 2004. These days many videogame stores do not stock physical PC games, thanks to the prevalence of download services and its effect on retail. But there has been speculation that the next generation of games consoles will also be download-centric.
The London Games Conference takes place on 10th November.

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