Mountain Media Launches Payment Solution for SaaS-Models -- Integrates with Maintenance Partner’s Asset Management Software for Online Availability

SaaS-based companies can now offer customers seamless online payment, recurring billing and online subscription management for software products through Mountain Media’s integrated solution

Mountain Media, a national ecommerce solution provider and Maintenance Partner, a Software as a Service (SaaS) company providing organizations with a software solution to track, manage, and maintain valuable assets announced today that the companies have launched an integrated solution to make Maintenance Partner’s Asset Management Software available for online subscription.

Maintenance Partner’s Asset Management Software is a web-based maintenance management solution that uses the most advanced technology available to help organizations improve their asset utilization, enhance asset reliability and availability, reduce maintenance costs, extend the useful life of assets, and increase the return on investment for maintenance-worthy items.

Mountain Media’s “Mountain Commerce” platform is a comprehensive ecommerce solution for businesses looking to sell products or services on the Web. In addition to providing payment gateway and order management services, the platform is a content management system for easy website updating. The company’s recent custom-built integration for Maintenance Partners allows them to now offer SAAS-modeled companies the ability to sell their services online, automatically build subscriptions and implement recurring billing.

“Success isn’t just about having the right software -- Something that we think we’ve accomplished with Maintenance Partner, it is about taking the complications out of asset management” said LeAnn Leon, Managing Director of Maintenance Partner. She also stated; “it is also requiring that every step of our implementation process be as automated as possible including the ability to purchase our software online and for that process to seamlessly build a subscription and license for our users. This is the piece that Mountain Media was able to build for us through the integration with their Mountain Commerce platform.”

Through this new integration, customers can purchase Maintenance Partner software online, upgrade an existing subscription, and review details about each offered software module. Mountain Media’s process then sends critical data to Maintenance Partner’s servers via an xml file containing all the info they need to process the order and create a customer license. Subsequently, an email notification is sent to the user providing them with their purchase info and access to Maintenance Partner’s implementation wizard. After completing the wizard, a customer can then log into their account and view their asset data and software tutorials.

Mountain Media plans to implement the solution for other SaaS modeled companies while helping them reduce the cost associated with selling their services online by up to 67% when compared to other online payment systems.

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