Affiliate Network Program is Driving Rapid Growth for

As more and more businesses are realizing the benefits of Internet marketing over the past few years, affiliate marketing has begun to surge. Businesses are realizing increased return on investment (ROI) through affiliate networks and it is transforming the marketing industry.

Sarasota, FL (PRWEB) October 28, 2009 -- The Internet is starting to take over an increased proportion of a business's marketing budget compared to the traditional avenues such as television and radio. This is in part due to the increased performance levels attained through the use of the 24/7 exposure of the Internet. The ability to trace and track campaigns with the Internet is unparalleled, which provides a business's marketing department a more direct ROI regarding the effectiveness of campaigns. If a top campaign is executed properly it can generate $1 to 1.5 million each month. was ranked #5 as Inc. Magazine's top 500 rapidly growing businesses. Additionally, they were ranked #1 when considering them within the advertising industry. They have grown an astounding 12,000% over the past four years. This is a major accomplishment, which not only demonstrates both the high level of integrity brings to its publishers, partners and clients, but it also is a significant milestone for the advertising industry in general.

In the Internet marketing context, affiliate marketing refers to the shared revenue between advertisers and publishers. Publishers and affiliates are synonymous. The compensation is based on performance from sales, clicks, registrations or a mixture thereof. As a result, additional synergies are created and the risk of an ineffective marketing campaign essentially approaches zero. has established a global network of more than 10,000 publishers, many of which are exclusive, that drive traffic to client campaigns. The affiliate network also includes relationships in available niche markets, which is extremely valuable for a wide selection of clients.

The affiliate network program's success is based on a rigorous screening and qualification process for each affiliate making a premier compilation of publishers. The result is a high quality inventory of affiliates, or marketers that provide the foundation for optimal performance for the clients. The better affiliates the better performance the advertisers receive.

There are many different types of Internet traffic that they provide for their clients, which is based on the particular goals and objectives of the campaign.'s staff is experienced Internet marketers that provide reliable and honest service. For, a successful campaign ensures performance and conversions surpass expectations. tracks and analyzes the performance of each campaign to ensure that it is successful and profitable. In addition, they prioritize affiliates based on the maximum impact that is tailored to each client.

The's compliance team is continually ensuring that there is no abuse of the system by affiliates. By tracking downloads, uploads and suppression list abuse, they are able to ensure quality control and remove an identified affiliate from the network. The process has increased the reliability of the system and improves client loyalty.

Businesses are beginning to understand that there are many more marketing avenues available than there have been traditionally. These new avenues offer reduced risk and increased ROI. Additionally, the people at strive to invent and implement new solutions in order to diversify their current set of Internet affiliate network programs.

In the midst of a downturned economy, is finding success by helping advertisers meet or exceed their sales goals through the use of the Internet. They are a leader in Internet marketing/ advertising that is transforming an industry by providing innovative products that make sense for both advertisers and affiliates. Their business model is based on promoting top offers from distinctive affiliates in order to provide profit maximizing opportunities for their clients. It is all about delivering consistently strong ROI. was formed in September of 2002. They have developed a strong affiliate network that helps businesses maximize their marketing dollar by leveraging the Internet to drive sales. With's affiliate network program, their clients receive the highest levels of integrity which is shared by publishers and partners. The result is a mutually beneficial marketing program that is forging new marketing avenues and benefiting both publishers and advertisers.

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