300,000 downloads in 2 days - The Digital Revolution Has Begun

Los Angeles, Ca Oct 30, 2009: Young Dre the Truth is creating major attention in the Music Industry with UpCode USA new partnership

Just as Hip-Hop fans had began to look toward the East for rap lyrics with messages, along comes 'Young Dre the Truth" brings the West Coast back on the map. EA's Madden game franchise knew exactly what they were doing when they signed Young Dre to their music label Artwerk Music.

Young Dre recorded the song "Working", with the band Good Charlotte for Madden 09', as well as collaborating with Snoop Dog on the song "Cheah-Bah" which is the main track on EA Madden Fight Night Round 4. When Young Dre was asked about the theme of the song Cheah-Bah, he responded with - "'Cheah Bah' is not a dance, it's just about positive energy and a new movement." Now with my new distribution platform I can connect all my fans directly to me. Young Dre stated just in 2 days we have had over 300,000 downloads just from the song "Tell Them I Did It" all coming from Japan, Germany, Sweden, US, The Netherlands, and the UK. I couldn't believe the demand for my music. I was reading comments all over the web that people wanted and was anticipating my album it made me think. Even on you tube thousands of people was leaving comments telling me that I was the best rapper. Young Dre also stated now he will take a different approach and look to new media to touch his fan base and interact with them.

Young Dre the Truth is also on NBA Live 2010 game, which features his remix of "All Eyes on Me", with 2Pac Shakur. Which was released on October 27th, 2009, the buzz has already hit the pipelines and radio is anxiously anticipating its debut.

Young Dre The Truth has also announced that his label KC3 Monumental has struck a deal with Upcode a new music distribution company which delivers music from 2d bar codes and gives artist global distribution by using UpCode. With UpCode now Young Dre can deliver his music to his fans from billboards, magazines, and through his music video including of his social network pages. UpCode has already made much noise with Universal Music Group and Sony BMG in Latin Amercia and proved there is a new way for music distribution and a demand without being in a store or sitting in front a computer. Now UpCode is in North America and Young Dre is the star and one of first to go full fledge with the new platform.
Jerald Cavitt CEO of UpCode USA stated we are very excited to start our new music division. We have put a'lot of resources into Young Dre The Truth including new marketing strategies and a whole new distribution method. I have to say when I heard his music I was really moved and UpCode wanted to get behind that. Now Young Dre will have the ability to deliver his music via UpCode from candy wrappers, soda cans, and magazines including television screens anything with a surface Cavitt stated.

To hear more of Young Dre's music including the soon to be released "All Eyes of The Truth" visit his website at: www.youngdrethetruth.com or Scan Young Dre the Truth's UpCode. Simply go to www.upcodeusa.com from your mobile phone to download the free UpCode software and then scan the UpCode to hear snippets, watch videos and purchase the album including chat with Young Dre personally.

Dj's Contact: music@upcodeusa.com
Young Dre The Truth Blog: www.youngdrethetruth.blogspot.com
UpCode Solutions USA: www.upcodesolutionsusa.com
Young Dre the Truth is represented by:
Face2Face Entertainment – 818.823.4409
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