Circuit City Closing Stores

Circuit City, one of the leading electronic stores in the United States, is closing 155 of its 700 stores. This news might not be too surprising due to the economic hardships that we are experiencing and other recent cuts that we have seen in the games industry. The company has said it has seen a dip in consumer and vendor support.

To video gamers this is big news because of Circuit City’s dedication to video games and other gaming paraphernalia. The company has attempted to lure gamers to the store by offering special price points for new titles, incentives for purchasers and even a Gamers Club that gives 10 percent off all games purchased.

The retailer will be cutting about 17 percent of its employees and vacating 12 or more markets, including Phoenix and Atlanta. The cuts could affect up to 7,300 people, but they will attempt to relocate some. The company also said they will not be constructing as many new stores. Gamers, with all of the other cuts that have been made in the last few weeks, must really start becoming concerned; it’s not just the guys that make the games being cut, but now the ones sell them as well.
via TGR

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