41 online retail tactics to kickstart sales

The economy is weak, gas prices are soaring, and consumers are belt-tightening – not the best landscape heading into the 4th quarter. Fortunately eCommerce is poised to benefit from this scenario as shoppers turn to the web to research, price match, and purchase gifts without driving all over town. To capture your share of this bounty, now is the time to take a good hard look at your website and customer communication to be sure you are delivering the best possible shopping experience factoring into account any time and resource constraints.

MarketLive and the e-tailing group developed this field guide for peak season performance to aid you in that task. From gifting to promotional merchandising we have identified the essentials based on feature presence among the 100 websites in the e-tailing group 10th Annual Mystery Shopping Study (EG100), conducted in 4Q 2007. These are the techniques and tools customers have come to expect and should be the first ones you examine and tune up.

Get imaginative!
Be sure that you are up to the minute on industry best practices and winning strategies by reviewing examples culled from our 2007 holiday season repository. Along with additional supporting research from the e-tailing group and other industry sources, this Guide showcases 41 site and email examples of best-in-class execution to serve as a springboard for your team.

Try new approaches with a twist on tried-and-true tactics to kickstart sales. Do you have the tools in place that can help extend the selling season to the very last moment? It will be imperative that you react close to season so evaluation and embellishment of last minute techniques will be more important than ever before. Get tactical to ensure that standards are in place before your tackle the "bells and whistles." Once the basics are in place, move on to elevate merchandising through imagination and innovation.

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