Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Valve: Steam will overtake retail, overcome piracy

Following the announcement of their free Steam Cloud service yesterday, Valve head honcho Gabe Newell spoke about the confidence he had in the Steam service overtaking retail in sales. According to Newell, Steam has grown by a smashing 200 percent, compared to the retail's traditional spurt of ten percent.

Steam "will actually pass over in the next three months, how much of our business is coming from retail versus how much is coming from other channels," Newell told Eurogamer.

In addition to believing that Steam will boost industry sales as a whole, Newell also believes the service has prevented -- and will continue to prevent -- a great deal of PC software piracy. "We've got great facilities that make it very hard for people to pirate ... It's a dangerous thing to pirate one of our games because later on, when we catch you, you lose all your games, or you can't play multiplayer." via BIGdownload

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