AbeBooks New Coupon Policy for Affiliates

AbeBooks is developing coupons! Abebooks.com

Find textbooks. New and used. Save money.

Currently they're just in the testing phase and only releasing coupons directly to buyers. This means that until they can figure out the impact of coupons on their bottom line, and how the affiliates play into that, they won't be able to pay out affiliate commissions on coupon sales. From this point forward, Abebooks will not be paying commission on coupons, so you'll probably want to avoid picking up any new coupons that pop into existence. Any sales made through their test coupons before their email alert will be commissionable and paid out.

Eventually, once They've figured out how coupons are being used and what the impact is, they will start providing coupons for affiliate use (and including them in the CJ interface) and go from there. Buy textbooks for less at AbeBooks.com

Benefits of Working With AbeBooks

  • 30,000 plus transactions per day
  • Above average Conversion Rates many over 15%
  • Largest Selection of Books on the web 100 million plus
  • High Seasonality spike for Textbooks Season Aug.-Sept./Jan.
  • Increased Commission for proven performers

The world's largest online marketplace for books.

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