Muze Releases Open Media Exchange(TM) 2.0

NEW YORK, NY and SEATTLE, WA -- 12/07/07 -- Muze Inc., a world leader in enabling entertainment commerce, today announced the general availability of the latest version of its Open Media Exchange(TM) (OMX(TM)), an open, collaborative, standards-based framework and distribution platform for the marketing and distribution of digital entertainment products.

The foundation of OMX is a centralized content repository of media and related metadata that can be delivered to consumers in many formats and over the internet or Over-the-Air (OTA), including music tracks, streaming, DRM radio services, downloads, and short form video. By centralizing distribution and providing a unified infrastructure of applications, databases and management tools, OMX eliminates redundant media storage investments, accelerates time-to-market of digital media goods, and provides consumers with greater choice and flexibility. In addition, OMX gives visibility to content providers/owners, providing them with new ways to leverage existing assets.

OMX 2.0 extends the digital asset media tools and distribution capabilities of the previous version. Highlights from this latest release include:

--  Digital Extras - Attach digital files such as liner notes, images,
wallpapers, video, ringtones, and press kits to any product inside the
catalog. These "extras" add value to a download and enhance the
attractiveness of an offering to help increase sales transactions.
-- Business Rules and Segmentation - Content owners such as music labels
and studios can easily manage affiliates and pricing on a per-product
basis, eliminating expensive and labor-intensive processes.
-- On Demand Promotions - Temporarily change product pricing on-the-fly,
either globally or for a given product or a specific distributor. This
greatly enhances the effectiveness of time- or artist-specific promotion
-- Enhanced Reporting - Allows users to view near-real-time sales data
for any product or group of products. Timely visibility enables both
content owners and retailers to fine-tune their merchandising and
promotional activities to address current market conditions.

"We have worked closely with key participants in the digital entertainment media value chain to understand their pain points and develop an infrastructure platform that will help them to add and manage more channels and enable enhanced merchandising and product bundles, all of which help to generate revenue growth," said Janice P. Anderson, Muze CEO. "Through an industry group known as the Media Information Forum, we have been able to clearly identify specific challenges and have tailored our development initiatives towards meeting those challenges, which we have brought to market in this release."

About Muze Inc.

Established in 1991, Muze provides solutions to businesses that enable search, discovery, and purchase of entertainment content. Our media information products, our sample and discovery services, and our Open Media Exchange(TM) digital media distribution platform, provide the foundation for making all types of entertainment products available on-demand anywhere, anytime. This creates a truly compelling consumer experience, and one that benefits the industry as a whole. Hundreds of companies worldwide -- ranging from in-store and online retailers, portals, community sites, auction sites, consumer electronics, and mobile providers -- rely on Muze's rich entertainment content and digital media platform to support both physical and digital retail commerce. Clients include Yahoo!, eBay, O2 Germany, Best Buy, Facebook, Overstock, iLike, Pricegrabber, Packet Video, Hot Topic, Amazon,, CNET, and many others. Muze has offices in New York City, Seattle, and London. To learn more, please visit and

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