Kiwaluk Kiwajluk Kivayliuk Ківайлюк

 My family comes from Vynyatyntsi a village in Zalishchyky (now Chortkiv) district of Ternopil region. The correct spelling of my surname is Kivayliuk / Ківайлюк (in metrics in Latin Kiwajluk)

Stefan Kivayliuk really lived here. His parents - Havrylo and Teodoziya Boyko. 

In 1893 he married Anna Kinashchuk. Her parents - Yosyf and Sofiya Harapyak. Both families are purely Greek Catholic.

Stefan really had brothers Yuriy (married in 1889), Yakiv (married in 1885), Mykhaylo (married 1891)…,0.68,0.687,0.315,0

Winiatynce, Zaleszczyki

Anna Kiwajluk 
(1926) Polish Declarations of Admiration and Friendship for the United States: Grammar and elementary schools; Zaleszczyki-Żnin; Volume 93. [Manuscript/Mixed Material] Retrieved from the Library of Congress,

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