Security Veterans Launch Tegotech Software, Inc.

Automated Technology to Package Applications for the Digital Marketplace

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., Dec 07, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Joe Seebach, a data security pioneer, announced today the launch of Tegotech Software, Inc. Tegotech will provide new technology and services to rapidly package and protect digital applications for publishers, distributors and e-commerce platform providers.
"The ever-growing demand for downloadable applications has created the need for advanced digital packaging and sophisticated anti-piracy protection," said Joe Seebach, President of Tegotech. "Tegotech has developed a fully-automated solution that enables companies to rapidly package digital applications for online stores. This technology will help companies expand their markets through the use of trial software, rentals, and subscriptions while preventing unauthorized use."
Tegotech Digital Packaging enables rapid production, powerful security, and flexible license management options. The advanced technology allows integration within a company's production environment to package applications quickly. It also lets companies create in-app transactions, shopping carts, and custom advertising feeds. Tegotech can turn ordinary applications into high impact selling tools that drive incremental revenues for their customers.
"The world of digital content is changing every day and is growing very rapidly," said Simon Jones, Vice President at Plimus - a leading e-commerce platform provider. "One of the largest challenges companies face in growing online business is the ability to quickly bring new content online. Tegotech has developed a unique solution that will enable companies to quickly and easily expand their digital catalog and position themselves for rapid growth."
About Tegotech
Tegotech was founded to offer full service Digital Packaging for all types of content. Headquartered in San Luis Obispo, California, half-way between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Tegotech employs a team of veterans with decades of experience in developing data protection and software security solutions. The management team includes several industry pioneers who have numerous accreditations and experience working with the world's leading technology companies.
SOURCE: Tegotech Software, Inc.

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