Digital River introduces new B2B e-commerce offering

Online merchants can customise the B2B shopping experience by offering authenticated portals, and segmented and tiered pricing

E-commerce offerings provider Digital River has introduced an enhanced business-to-business (B2B) offering that enables companies to create best-in-class online purchase experiences for their business buyers.

The enhanced cloud-based offering enables physical and digital goods merchants to sell directly to new or underserved groups of business buyers by designing their e-commerce services and using authenticated portals, segmented pricing, preferred payment methods, private reseller networks, and more.

Digital River's B2B offering is built on its Global Commerce enterprise system, which supports tens of thousands of online businesses around the world, including some of the Internet's biggest software publishing and consumer electronics brands.

With B2B offerings, online merchants can expand and enhance current online capabilities by integrating Digital River's commerce offerings with traditional business platforms and systems, including ERP, CRM or partner management systems and can achieve secure access to markets across the globe and reach underserved channels with flexible solutions and an international resource network of local tax professionals, payment specialists and regional marketing experts.

In addition, the online merchants can customise the B2B shopping experience by offering authenticated portals, and segmented and tiered pricing for specific channel partners or key accounts, can tailor the purchasing process to meet company requirements with multiple seller- and merchant-of-record model options and can drive reccurring revenue by maintaining access to valuable channel customer data and establishing direct customer relationships.

Digital River CEO Joel Ronning said the enhanced B2B offering leverages Digital River's more than 15 years of global e-commerce expertise in building business buying experiences along with a proven cloud-based e-commerce infrastructure.

"According to forecasts, the global e-commerce market is poised for tremendous growth - and we expect that B2B will be an important driving force behind it. By using our B2B e-commerce solution, companies can not only take advantage of this increasing revenue opportunity, but also deliver a world-class user experience that drives operational efficiencies and reduces conflict across their sales channels," said Ronning.

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