PapayaMobile and Tapjoy to launch new targeted ad service for Android developers

It seems like just about everyone is rolling out a social network for mobile games these days. PapayaMobile was one of the first on Android, and they’ve just announced a partnership with Tapjoy to put together a new "Social Marketplace" for Android app developers.
What makes the Social Marketplace different is that it's designed for developers' benefit: users will see recommendations for apps based on which titles their friends are playing. Basically, users will have more relevant and better-targeted ads sent their way, while developers (hopefully) see more follow through when it comes to people downloading their apps.
“Our entire business is built around delivering as much value to consumers as possible, and clearly there’s considerable value in helping them discover new games based on what their friends are playing,” said Mihir Shah, President and CEO of Tapjoy. “PapayaMobile’s social network has the scale and reach, particularly across the U.S. and China, to help make our ads further targeted and more engaging for users.”
The Social Marketplace is due to be available for developers to use by the end of the year. From the sound of this, it'll be pretty simple to utilize: All you have to do is integrate the Papaya Social SDK, as well as Tapjoy's Publisher SDK into your app.
At the moment, it sounds like PapayaMobile and Tapjoy are certainly some great groups to have helping you promote your games, since PapayaMobile has over 35 million users alone. If you’re interested in signing up, be sure to visit and for more information.

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