Mobiles and tablets - the opportunities by Digital2Disc

“There are more mobile devices in the world now than toothbrushes,” was the attention-grabbing opening remark from Matthew Schwartz of SAP in his introduction to the mobiles and tablets panel discussion at DCM (Digital Content Monetization) East in New York. A series of workshops discussions the day before the main conference opened focused on how to engage consumers and - ideally - monetize content through mobile delivery.
“Tablets are one of the fastest ever growing CE devices,” said David Sidebottom of Futuresource Consulting. “There have been 50 million shipped this year and we expect to see that grow to 400 million by 2015.” In addition, next year is set to see one billion smartphones shipped worldwide. These figures, Sidebottom stressed, point to a fantastic opportunity for those in the mobile delivery chain, particularly the content owners.
Engagement was a key word during the panel discussion and, panellists agreed,  that was the key to monetization of content. Interestingly, it would seem that many forms of content delivery are still not, in themselves, generating revenue - rather, it is often the engagement of consumers and building on brands and customer loyalty that are key to enhanced revenue generation in more traditional means.

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