Make Temporary Phone Numbers With RingCentral’s New App [EXCLUSIVE]

Giving your phone number to a pushy salesman or posting it on Craigslist no longer needs to include the risk of unending unwanted calls. Cloud-based phone system company RingCentral has released a new product that generates temporary phone numbers that will forward calls to your phone for seven days before expiring.
The app, RingShuffle, doles out temporary numbers that work much like permanent phone numbers that RingCentral has set up for about 200,000 small business and that Google Voice provides for individuals. Users simply enter their real numbers into the iPhone app, Facebook app or website and choose a phone number in an area code of their choice. When someone calls that temporary number, the call is redirected to the real number.
Giving the phone numbers an expiration date, which can be shortened or extended from the seven-day standard, makes them useful for online buying or selling, online dating or other situations that require communication with strangers.
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VP of Products Naveen Gupta says that the basic version will remain free to use, and that the company is considering selling premium features such as multiple temporary numbers at once.
RingCentral, which was founded in 2003, replaces small business phone systems with a more affordable cloud-based alternative. This is its first foray into consumer-facing products.
Last week, the company announced that it had raised $10 million of funding, and CEO Vlad Shmunis said that an IPO was a “viable future possibility.”

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