X-Cart and CRE Secure Partner to Eliminate eCommerce Merchant's Systems from Scope of PCI Compliance

X-Cart, a major International provider of eCommerce solutions, and CRE Secure, the industry's leading cloud-based, secure payment solution for merchants, today announced an alliance to offer CRE Secure's hosted payment page technology to X-Cart eCommerce merchants through a fully integrated X-Cart module.
X-Cart's eCommerce platform is deployed by thousands of online merchants in more than 100 countries. CRE Secure's patent-pending HTML Clone(R) technology allows merchant payment pages to be generated on-demand, delivering a seamless experience to the shopper and eliminating the X-Cart platform from the scope of PCI.
"Through CRE Secure, we are able to provide our merchants a universal interface to most major payment providers, increase customer conversions with a seamless checkout process, and lower their PCI compliance costs," said Alexander Mulin, senior vice president of business development for X-Cart. "Just as important, merchants will not have to change payment providers in order to get a seamless, secure PCI compliant solution. The integrated solution can immediately eliminate the shopping cart software from the scope of PCI compliance with most major gateways and providers."
Kevin R. Lee, president and CEO of CRE Secure, said, "The X-Cart platform's advanced capabilities allow the merchant to create the best possible shopping experience for their shoppers. With our partnership and integrated payment page solution, X-Cart merchants can now seamlessly expand their branding through the entire check-out process, while also giving the consumer greater security, all at a lower cost of ownership than traditional, scope-reducing PCI solutions."
The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) is a multifaceted global security standard that requires eCommerce merchants that accept and process credit card payments to comply with four different levels of standards, A through D. These critical measures are designed to help merchants protect customer account data.
The PCI DSS requirements for X-Cart merchants that use the CRE Secure integrated shopping cart module can be reduced from the highest levels -- Level C or D, which requires a third party auditor for validation, to the lowest, least costly level to maintain compliance - Level A. This standard eliminates the need for the merchant to purchase and use Payment Application DSS (PA-DSS) certified software. Through CRE Secure, the merchant's applicable eCommerce platform -- like X-Cart -- will be taken out of scope of PCI compliance.
X-Cart merchants are able to implement the CRE Secure payment module immediately by visiting http://www.x-cart.com/cresecure.html .
About X-Cart
X-Cart is the first PHP shopping cart software, introduced to the market in 2001. The software offers tons of features and is a fast, customizable and SEO-friendly solution for online merchants. X-Cart powers tens of thousands of online checkouts worldwide. For more information, visit http://www.x-cart.com or call (+1) 800-657-7957.
About CRE Secure
CRE Secure Payments is the first cloud-based Internet payment security company with end-to-end PCI compliance for card-not-present merchants. CRE Secure enables leading ecommerce software solutions and payment software systems distributed worldwide with secure PCI-compliant hosted, payment processing solutions using patent-pending technology and through its partnerships with top global payment gateways. CRE Secure is a level one PCI DSS-certified service provider and a contributing member of the PCI Security Standards Council. For more info, visit www.cresecure.com or call (888) 453-4885.

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