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‘nanoRep’ Brings Instant Answers to Customer Support, Reduces Help-Desk Ticket Escalation up to 92%, Fuels E-Commerce Growth

Quote startnanoRep was designed to answer customers’ questions instantly and accurately, minimizing support costs and converting site visitors into paying customers for startups and enterprises alike.Quote end
HERZLIYA, Israel (PRWEB) August 02, 2011
Help-desk software company nanoRep (http://www.nanorep.com) could soon revolutionize e-commerce with its introduction of the first ticketing system that provides instant, accurate answers for customers via self-service across all support channels.
The scalable, self-learning Q&A tool dramatically reduces support-ticket escalation, while doubling as a sales tool and increasing conversion rates. Rapidly growing companies in all industries – from SMBs to enterprises – can steer resources away from support centers burdened by increasing customer call volume and focus on sales instead. Startups are also using nanoRep to implement a low cost ticketing system from day one and maximize limited budgets.
Companies input their FAQ into a single knowledge base via nanoRep, and with every customer question asked and response provided by a support rep – across all channels: email, live-chats, Facebook, Twitter and more – the knowledge base automatically builds itself up. Within three months it’s able to accurately answer up to 92% of customers’ questions without escalating them to a rep. It does this instantly via support widgets that follow customers across every page on a company’s site and by dedicated widgets on a company’s contact and Facebook pages. Customers are relieved of the frustration having to search multiple FAQ topics for the answers they seek.
“It doesn’t matter how detailed your website is, if customers don’t find the information they’re looking for in seconds – whether it’s sales or support related – they’re gone,” said nanoRep CEO Doron Herzlich. “nanoRep was designed to answer customers’ questions instantly and accurately, minimizing support costs and converting site visitors into paying customers for startups and enterprises alike.”
nanoRep increases its knowledge about a company by adding reps’ answers across all channels – from email and forums to live chat and Twitter replies – to a single knowledge base once a company has vetted and approved them. When customers ask the same question different ways, nanoRep automatically learns to connect them to the correct answer already in its knowledge base. Other nanoRep advantages include: 
  •     Improved Capacity – Call centers using the knowledge base during a live call provide greatly expedited service for customers, resulting in increased First Call Resolution (FCR) and shorter wait times for all customers.
  •     Facebook Application – nanoRep’s instant-answer support widget can be installed in minutes to a company’s Facebook page. Customers have self-service access to the company’s complete knowledge base, and they can email, live chat and open a support ticket right from there, too.
  •     Marketing Insights – Customers’ nanoRep searches reveal their needs to companies’ marketing teams. Regularly provided analytics disclose the total asked/answered questions per month and track which answers were provided instantly from the growing knowledge base vs. came from a support rep.
  •     Increased Conversion Rate – Real-time answers strengthen customers’ site engagement and comfort with online purchasing. The result is decreased site abandonment and an increased sales conversion rate averaging 15%. nanoRep measures this by tracking customers IP during interaction with its widgets until registration/purchase is selected and comparing behavior to customers who registered/purchased without using nanoRep.
nanoRep provides solutions for nearly a hundred companies, including WIX, Plimus and IKEA. On average their technology saves companies $2.40 per support session. This translates to savings of $576K annually for SMBs and $5.7M annually for enterprises. For any size company, nanoRep enables rapid growth without the equivalent expansion of support costs.
About nanoRep
nanoRep is the instant-answer, self-service help-desk solution and ticketing system promoting rapid business growth by minimizing customer support costs. Launched in 2009, the sales and support tool provides customers accurate answers in seconds from a single knowledge base extending across multiple channels – including email, forums, live chat, web support pages and floating widgets, Facebook and Twitter. The scalable, self-learning Q&A software operates in 34 languages and answers up to 92% of customers’ questions without escalating them to a rep. nanoRep is headquartered in Herzliya, Israel.

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