WildTangent offers way to monetize Android games

WildTangent announced today a new service with T-Mobile to monetize games based on the Android mobile operating system. The service will embed advertising in games and offer them for rental.

The new service enables easier discovery of premium games and options to play games with no commitment to purchase them. In effect, it’s like a rental service for Android games. If it takes off, the service could help developers make more money off Android mobile games on smartphones and tablets — a task that hasn’t been easy to do.

Studies have shown that Android users are reluctant to buy games. A rental system — with the option to apply the rental fees toward the purchase — could make a big difference, according to WildTangent chief executive Mike Peronto. The system allows carrier T-Mobile to present games to users in a more curated fashion, enabling better discovery. The WildTangent system will be live later this year.

For in-game purchases, WildTangent will offer its WildCoins virtual currency. WildTangent operates advertising for third-party online and social game developers that reach more than 175 million monthly players. Redmond, Wash.-based WildTangent has 130 employees.

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