Pokki Brings the App Store Experience to Windows 7

Windows 7 Only: New service Pokki wants to be an app store for Windows, complete with painless one-click installs and real-time notifications in the taskbar.
There are only eight apps available at launch, but they're big ones: Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, a Wall Street Journal app, and a feed reader are all included, among others. Open Pokki to see available apps, and click "install" once to download and install one.
Pokki apps live in the taskbar next to the start button. Clicking one of them opens it in a larger view. The Gmail app, for example, brings up your Gmail inbox in a pop-up window that allows you to read, reply, and manage your email. The Facebook app shows your news stream and lets you update it or comment on other posts. Click anywhere out of a Pokki app window and the app returns to the taskbar.
The apps available are gorgeous even if there aren't many of them yet. Pokki is free and available now for Windows 7 only. Windows Vista and XP versions are on the way, and a Mac version will be available later this year.

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