OpenFeint's GameFeed looks to foster competition amongst gamers

Thanks to leaderboards and achievements, social gaming networks like Apple Game Center thrive on the idea of competition. But there’s always been one problem – it’s a spirit of competition you’ve had to seek out on your own. The challenges never came directly to you. Now OpenFeint is looking to change all of that with that announcement of their latest addition, GameFeed.

Launching in private beta today, GameFeed will provide a Facebook-like newsfeed that will tease and tempt players with the successes and achievements of their friends. With notices about things like friend’s unlocking certain achievements before you, or getting a great score in a game you’re playing, OpenFeint is hoping that GameFeed will be just what’s needed to push that competitive button inside all of us.

“We believe mobile games should connect people, whether they're living in distant corners of the planet or using completely different mobile operating systems," said Jason Citron, founder and CEO of OpenFeint. "GameFeed connects people by taking a simple act, like finishing a level or posting a high score, and turning it into a meaningful, cross platform shared experience."

On the developer end, GameFeed can be implemented into any OpenFeint game with the addition of a single line of code. On the user end, it seems as though players will be able to opt-in to the GameFeed experience, meaning it won’t be crammed down the throats of anyone who’s not interested.

In addition to that competitive edge, GameFeed will also be suggesting friends and games that will be of interest to the user. Elements like this seem to be what’s next for social gaming networks, as Apple has just announced similar recommendation services would be coming to their Game Center platform this fall.

“GameFeed will help form and strengthen relationships on the network – connecting Android and iOS gamers in ways that make playing games far more engaging,” said Citron.

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