End Music Discovery – Sublime w Rome – “Murdera”

Slowly but surely we’ve been getting more information about the new Sublime w Rome record.

July 12th we’ll get “Yours Truly” the 15 song set (counting bonus tracks) which was recorded in the last half of 2010 and first part of 2011.

As skeptical as we’ve been. (So far) The band really seems to have delivered an album worth listening to.
Don’t forget you can see ‘em live with 311 at Marymoor Park in August, tickets are still available right here

Here’s another track from “Yours Truly” called “Murdera”

1. Panic
2. Only
3. Lovers Rock
4. Murdera
5. My World
6. Paper Cuts
7. PCH
8. Same Old Situation
9. Take It Or Leave It
10. You Better Listen
11. Spun
12. Can You Feel It

13. Dynamite
14. Safe And Sound
15. Lovers Rock (Acoustic)

You can pre-order the album here

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