Build Mobile Apps for Free with Appsbar

appsbar.jpgIf you're a small business owner or individual looking to create professional, personalized apps for mobile devices without cost, advertising interruption, or a steep a learning curve: rejoice. Appsbar, available now as a beta, gives you the tools you need to compete in an app-driven business world.

Appsbar enables you to edit and publish apps for Windows 7 Mobile, Gogole Android, and Apple iOS. Designed to guide users through the entire process--from app creation to editing to publication--Appsbar builds apps page by page, adding layers of complexity with each step. Users can customize colors, fonts, images, videos, menus, forms, and event notifications. There are even filters that alert you if you're adding or missing something that could prevent your app from publishing.

Appsbar comes preloaded with templates, called App Types. You can build an app for business, entertainment, or personal use, or start fresh with the custom option. For each page, you choose a different layout, including Photo or Video Galleries (self explanatory), Content (text or photos), Forms (multiple choice, text, or drop-down lists), Events (support names, dates, times, costs, and descriptions), and Social Links (feeds to Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, and MySpace). When you're finished, you can publish your app with the click of a button; Appsbar projects that--pending approval--your app will go live within two weeks.

Whether you're a self-professed geek or luddite, Appsbar provides a free, easy way to gain a mobile presence. Take a look at some of the apps people have already published using the beta. Today Show contributor Jill Martin built an app--why not you?

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