Acer Alive Digital Distribution Platform & App Store Announced

www.engadget6 242x123 Acer Alive Digital Distribution Platform & App Store AnnouncedThey’ve finally moved away from the horde of hardware announcements at Acer’s event in NYC today, and with the shift to software announcements comes an interesting piece for sure. We have already heard news of Apple’s plans for an app store on Mac OS X, as well as Intel planning to slap an app store on ASUS netbooks at some point in the future, but this has comes as a bit of a surprise. Acer is launching its own app store on its future PC’s.

Developers from Intel and Adobe as well as others will be providing content for the app store, which although bigged up as more than a simple application distribution tool, really isn’t. It is unclear whether it will be loaded on to the new range of tablets announced today, or whether it is simply for desktop machines at the moment, but with five main sections separating the different aspects of the store: Listen, Watch, Read, Play and Applications. This does hint perhaps at the more mobile device, perhaps for their newly announced Acer Android tablets – I am referring more to the ‘Read’ section here I guess, but nothing is concrete.

An Apple App Store influence is blatant here, but I suppose the same could be said of the mere concept of an app store, and whilst consumers may be excited at the prospect of a comprehensive software guide and distribution platform, there is nothing for developers to chew over just yet as no SDK has been mentioned at all.

In terms of how the Acer software is designed it does look pretty neat. Colourful to say the least. There looks also to be a section dedicated to your own content, too, so perhaps another hint at tablet support as you may be more inclined to use other software to view your media on a Windows based machine. I don’t know though, the UI does look very much like a traditional desktop UI and not particularly suitable for a smartphone, (perhaps you do need a huge high resolution screen Acer smartphone) in particular with small-ish links here and there.

These Acer announcements today have left a lot to be pondered, and many details are still evasive, so we will have to wait and see before we pass any real judgement on the products, though if I were someone at Acer or a particular fan of the company, I may be getting a little excited especially where design is concerned.

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