Where to Promote Your Affiliate Offers

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Now that you’ve selected several programs and offers to promote from the Plimus catalog, you’re probably wondering how to lure prospective buyers to take a bite. Here are a few methods which have succeeded for thousands of affiliates and should succeed for you.

1. Google, Google, and more Google. Search really does work! If you have a Spyware Utility blog, Google something like “spyware utility” and look at the results. Tighten your search results by inserting your main keywords into that search query and you may find products that are more relevant to your niche.

2. Look at the Competition.
What products are others promoting? Quite often, checking out the sidebar of another successful blog in your niche to see what products and services they are promoting will reveal affiliate products and offers you should promote. There may be a big interest in these products and promoting them yourself will potentially bring you a good part of that audience.

3. Watch AdSense. This is similar to the previous point. Many of the AdSense ads appearing besides Google search results, on other blogs, and websites, are very likely to be affiliated products. Checking out what the ads promote will reveal all sorts of potential affiliate offers.

4. Generate Leads from your Opt-In Email List. You can always buy email lists, but are those people interested in the kinds of products you are selling? Probably not. Create an opt-in mailing list by allowing prospects who come to your website to choose to receive a free newsletter. This gives you the opportunity to include information in the newsletter about your products.

5. Create Your Own Affiliate Marketing Materials. Plimus provides Buy, Try, and Product Information links. Unique content is KEY when looking for top placement in search engines. Build your own landing pages or micro sites and watch your organic listings soar.

6. Use Blogs and Social Networks to Promote Your Offers. If you’re ready to go big, set up a blog. Blogs have become a very flexible and powerful tool to promote offers. A blog not only gives you a place to write about the products you are promoting, it also gives potential buyers a central place to go to. Think of it as your own mall of sorts.
Once you’ve created the right audience, you’d be crazy not to post your offers on your own Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and any other social media accounts you may have. Just be careful to not spam people, especially those who aren’t interested in your products.

These tips will help you successfully promote your affiliate offers. There are many other ways to promote offers, but these are just a handful of ways to get your programs get the necessary exposure needed to build momentum and eventually succeed.

Jason Kiwaluk

Affiliate Marketing Manager

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