Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Cyber Monday A.K.A. “The Busiest Shopping Day Online”

For all of the shoppers that were unable to make it to the stores on Black Friday, the internet has given us Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday, which is the Monday after Black Friday, is the day that retailers unveil their discounts online. Although Cyber Monday has only been around since the 2005 holiday season, it is already evolving as a monumental day for online shopping. This year, companies such as J.C. Penny Co. and Sears Holdings Corp. have taken to Twitter and Facebook to promote their sizzling hot holiday bargains. Yes folks, you can find deals on Twitter and Facebook now. Oh and Instead of waiting for Cyber Monday, J.C. Penny lived on the edge a little and actually offered deals on its website on Black Friday. Talk about going against the grain!

We’re sure you all want to know how this phenomenon began. Well, Shop.org created a site called CyberMonday.com which is a super affiliate with over 650 leading retailers. On Cyber Monday of 2008 alone, the site had 2.4 million visitors and generated over $12 million in sales during that year’s holiday season. In order for retailers to be listed on the site, they must have an affiliate program on Commission Junction, Linkshare or the Google Affiliate Network.

J.C. Penny Co. and Sears Holdings Corp. aren’t the only ones that have something to offer on Cyber Monday. Here at Blue Phoenix Media, we’ve got some hot revenue generating offers such as Tassimo Direct, Mail by Santa, Gevalia, Fun Mobile and Walk Fit that will for sure increase anyone’s ROI during this holiday season.

Cyber Monday is just another reflection of the power, strength and versatility of affiliate marketing and we’re glad to be able to be part of this unstoppable shopping trend! via bluephoenix

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