ShareASale Expands Offline with Pay-per-call

CHICAGO - (Business Wire) Following a successful pilot program,, Inc. today announced the availability of the ShareASale Pay-Per-Call Center to its entire network of over 2,500 Merchants.

“Pay-per-call offers a great new revenue opportunity for both merchants and affiliates,” said ShareASale CEO Brian Littleton. “Affiliate marketing is no longer just online. Consumers who were more difficult to reach in a purely online environment are now a new audience for affiliates to target. The system is simple to set up, easy to use, and integrates with a merchant’s traditional online initiatives.”

Powered by RingRevenue, ShareASale Pay-Per-Call already features more than 30 pay-per-call campaigns available to affiliates, with commissions as high as $50.00 per-call. Since affiliates can now get credit for sales that start online but end up completing over the phone, merchants can keep phone numbers on their landing pages and avoid having to create multiple landing pages for affiliate traffic.

“We’ve been looking for ways to grow our affiliate program, and this is it,” said Todd Wilson, President of and a ShareASale merchant. “We want more calls. They convert at a much higher rate than clicks, and our average order value for sales closed over the phone is much higher than for sales closed online.”

“Seeing pay-per-call take off this quickly with one of the most respected retail networks in affiliate marketing is really exciting for us," said Jason Spievak, RingRevenue co-founder and CEO. “When merchants see the platform, they can’t believe how easy it is to use. And it gives them the flexibility and control they need to offer generous call-based commissions and achieve the target ROI for their campaigns."

The ShareASale Pay-Per-Call Center has been fully integrated into ShareASale Merchant and Affiliate accounts. To learn more, please visit

About ShareASale, Inc.

Chicago-based ShareASale is a provider of e-commerce tracking and affiliate management solutions for retailers. By facilitating relationships between affiliate marketers and over 2500 merchants, ShareASale helps its clients tap into new sources of revenue. Since 2001, ShareASale has been committed to driving all around profitability based on fair, honest and proactive practices. For more information about ShareASale, please visit

About RingRevenue, Inc.

RingRevenue tracks and manages calls even better than clicks, making it easy for affiliate networks and advertising agencies to track purchases made by phone. RingRevenue’s patent-pending pay-per-call platform makes it easy for online and offline publishers to promote call-based campaigns through the leading affiliate networks, and the company’s proprietary call quality processing engine ensures delivery of the highest-quality callers to advertisers. RingRevenue provides its pay-per-call platform to several leading affiliate networks and agencies. For more information about RingRevenue or to schedule a demo, please visit or call 866-943-6426.

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