Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Watch: 2009 Digital Distribution Summit

A couple of very informational videos recorded at the Digital Distribution Summit in Melbourne, Australia on September 29th were recently posted up for viewing online. In the first clip, David Edery (former Worldwide Portfolio Manager for XBLA) discusses about getting your game into the console downloadable market, how to do well with a digitally-distributed game, and tips on designing a great pitch for XBLA and PSN. His keynote presentation starts at the 7th minute mark.

In the second video, Simon Carless talks about the eight 'rules' for digital game distribution success, which is a great set of guidelines that developers can follow when considering marketing methods for their digitally-distributed games. More recordings can be found at the official site for the 2009 Digital Distribution Summit event.

The World of Indie Games (Gamasutra)
Nicalis' Rodriguez Talks Indie Realities (Gamasutra)

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Dude you're SICK !

Dude you're SICK !
Dude you're SICK !