Friday, October 30, 2009

LinkShare launch Twitter shopping tool

Affiliate network LinkShare has launched a new tool designed to monetise Twitter feeds.

LinkShare's TweetShop tool allows anyone with a Twitter following to turn customised tweets into a shopping device.

The TweetShop Tool lets publishers customise tweets through the user interface which automatically creates a shortened URL that directs an online shopper to the landing page for the recommended object.

A recent LinkShare survey found that adverts placed on social networking sites need to be targeted or will not receive high consumer interaction. The tool creates an online hub where consumers can find the best buys and share them with their friends and colleagues.

Generally available to publishers in its network, the tool is the latest feature in LinkShare's Bento Box range of tools and applications.

Liane Dietrich, MD, LinkShare said, "In the advent of the Twitter-adoption explosion, this new tool brings a host of new possibilities to our affiliate network that is easy, fun and effective at driving revenue."

More than 50 million live Twitter accounts exist today, a 6.7 per cent jump from August to September to 58.4 million worldwide visitors.

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Dude you're SICK !

Dude you're SICK !
Dude you're SICK !