Conference on P2P and Cloud Computing for Distribution of Digital Games and Game Updates


In a recent press release, DCIA has announced the debut of P2P & GAMES CONFERENCE Agenda due exactly one month from today at Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel in Los Angeles, CA. The conference will be held in conjunction with Digital Hollywood Fall.

The one to get the news out was, as usual, DCIA CEO Marty Lafferty:

“The P2P & GAMES CONFERENCE will focus on business models, delivery services, and case studies that demonstrate the benefits of P2P and cloud computing for the distribution of games and game updates to networked devices – from PCs to consoles to mobile-phones," said DCIA CEO Marty Lafferty in making the announcement.

The focal point for The Consumer Protection will be P2P gamer issues and how to improve customers’ service by better attending to their needs. Also, a main topic on the agenda for The Content Protection panel will be looking into games publisher problems and examining the key intellectual property concerns that need urgent solutions for best commercial success.

Keynote speakers include Jim Kott, Co-President, Abacast; Scott Tilghman & Daniel Ernst, Principals, Hudson Square Research; Arthur Pober, American Associate, European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA); Joe Porus & Milt Ellis, Vice Presidents, Harris Interactive; Chris Hennebery, Director of Software Distribution, Yummy Interactive; Scott Ryan, President & CEO, Asankya; Eric Klinker, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), BitTorrent; Robert Levitan, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Pando Networks; and Nicholas Longano, CEO & Founder, Music Mogul.

Panelists include Hal Bringman, Founder & President, NVPR; Russell Frackman, Partner, Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp; Robert Hunter, Digital Rights Consultant, Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA); Steve Masur, Managing Partner, MasurLaw; Seth Shapiro, Principal, New Amsterdam Media; and Chris Ullrich, Writer / Producer, The Flickcast and many more.

For those interested, pre-registration ends October 15th; you can register by e-mail at

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