GameShield Now Delivers Digital Rights Management for Flash Games

Yummy Interactive’s GameShield Version 4.5 Offers Protection and License Management for Flash Game Developers

VANCOUVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Yummy Interactive, Inc. today announced the release of GameShield Version 4.5 that provides protection and licensing options for Flash-based games. By supporting Adobe® Flash applications, GameShield’s Digital Rights Management system delivers new distribution and revenue opportunities for game developers and publishers who create content with Adobe® Flash.

“Flash developers can leverage GameShield in order to sell their Flash content alongside other types of games on retail websites, or on their own websites, in ways they may not have considered before,” said Christopher Hennebery, Director of Software Distribution at Yummy Interactive.

With GameShield Version 4.5, Flash application executables can now be protected and packaged in the same way as standard Microsoft Windows® executables are. SWF movies can also be directly protected with minimal effort. Unique to GameShield’s wrapper technology is the ability to embed resource and peripheral files, such as audio, video, dlls and data, along with the source code, into a single wrapped executable.

“This new version of GameShield provides more than a simple SWF to EXE converter tool for developers, as it will safeguard all their game data,” explained Hennebery. “We want to help developers engage with their customers, by providing them flexible tools that aid them in improving their purchase and registration process. The end-goal is for an end-user to have an optimal experience when they purchase and then play a game.”

Another enhancement to GameShield Version 4.5 is the ability to wrap and protect multiple executables in a single package, so that more than one game can be included in one download. Upgrades or expansions to the game can also be managed more efficiently and provided transparently to end-users.

About GameShield

GameShield is a comprehensive Digital Rights Management software suite for game developers, publishers and retailers. It offers premium copy protection and versatile license management and includes a variety of application and server software to implement a variety of business models. For more information, visit

About Yummy Interactive, Inc.

Yummy Interactive, Inc. is a leading global technology provider of software security and digital distribution solutions for video games. Yummy’s products include SoftwareShield and GameShield™, for protection and licensing applications, as well as CONDUIT, Yummy’s commercial delivery platform which enables games on demand services such as downloads, subscription and rentals, account and billing management, streaming, and turnkey APIs for Broadband Service Providers, game publishers and Web portals. For more on Yummy and its products, please visit

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