Ultimate retail guide available now

Ultimate retail guide available now

Published every Monday, MCV’s guide includes charts, data and the weekly release schedule

MCV has today released the latest edition of Retail Biz, our weekly guide specifically for retailers and publishers.

Published every Monday, the six-page supplement will be available both as a PDF to download or online at Issuu.com.

Click here to download a PDF of MCV's Retail Biz.

Alternatively, click here see it in your browser at Issuu.com.

Retail Biz includes today's charts, including the All Formats Top 40, plus individual format charts for Wii, DS, 360, PC, PC budget, PS3, PS2 and PSP.

It also features a digest of retail news, the indie charts, price check data and retail deals – all the great data that can be found in this Friday’s MCV.

We've also included the release schedule for this week, next week and beyond - just in case you need to get any last minute orders in for the hottest releases.

More exclusive data will be added to Retail Biz over the coming weeks and months - if there's something you'd like to see in there, contact the Editor-in-Chief. via mcv

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