Nokia Smartphones Get Nuance Voice Recognition

Nuance has launched their TALKS&ZOOMS 4.0 assistive software for Series 60 smartphones. The app converts any displayed text on a handset into intelligible speech and magnified content for blind or visually impaired mobile consumers.

The new version features a revamped text-to-speech (TTS) audio system that works with adding or searching for contacts, finding notes, calendar appointment updates, managing multiple calls, and muting and holding calls. It supports caller ID, text messaging, help files, Web browsing, and even Microsoft Office document editing in Quickword (which is bundled with many of Nokia's newest models).

The app can be licensed to a specific GSM SIM card, so users can take it from one phone to another. A companion app called DAISY2Go Audio Book Player lets users "read" content like audio books, but also offers embedded navigation, enhanced content, and additional sync options. TALKS&ZOOMS 4.0 works in over 20 languages on Series 60 second and third edition phones; for more information, visit

Back in March, Nuance unveiled TALKS for Verizon Wireless, a simpler version of the service that worked on the Motorola Q9c.

This post originally appeared on AppScout. via pcmag

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