Xbox LIVE Store on Amazon, Buy XBLA Titles

The digital distribution push picks up more steam as Microsoft brings its host of available Xbox LIVE Arcade titles to Amazon! You can now purchase Xbox LIVE Arcade redeem codes from Amazon via the Xbox LIVE store. The store also includes Microsoft Points codes and subscription codes. This is the first time that consumers will be able to obtain redeem codes (online game code as they call it) for Xbox LIVE Arcade games.

Amazon’s Xbox LIVE Store

Xbox Live Arcade

Perhaps the best thing about this venture is the fact that all prices are listed in dollars and not the fancy points. So you can actually buy what you want without fear of having leftover points in your account. I’m not sure how the transfer of codes will work but knowing that bit of information is worth it. It sucks having 50 or 60 Microsoft Points left from a transaction.

I’m sure there are quite a few of you who shop at Amazon that will take advantage of this. I’m tempted to purchase a code myself to be honest to save myself the need to purchase another points bundle.

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