Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nokia Unveils Online Apps Store, Takes on Apple

World-leading mobile phone maker Nokia today unveiled its new online software and media store, hoping to follow the runaway success of Apple's App Store.

The Finnish company said it would open the online 'Ovi' store in nine countries in May and that 70 percent of revenues from the store would go to software developers.

Its first model to ship with access to the store would be its Nokia N97 flagship phone.

Since Apple and Google entered the mobile arena the focus of the cell phone market has been shifting to software development.

Apple's App Store has proved to be popular with iPhone users, and helped spawn an entire industry of entrepreneurs who design programs that can then be downloaded by consumers.

Apple said last month a total of 15,000 applications are available and downloads have hit 500 million in six months.

Microsoft is also planning an online marketplace for applications running on its Windows Mobile operating system. BlackBerry-maker Research in Motion said last year it plans to launch its app store early this year.

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