Launches PC Digital Download Service

Online retailer today launched its Game Downloads service, officially expanding its offerings to include digital downloads of PC games.

The store offers a number of casual games priced between $9.99 and $6.99, with would-be buyers able to sample a trial version of a title for 30 minutes. Three games--Jewel Quest II, Build-a-lot, The Scruffs--are free "for a limited time."

Though the offerings don't presently include major PC games priced above $10, Amazon VP of video games and software Greg Hart suggested that those may eventually follow. "We always want to offer the widest selection possible, just like we've done with our boxed games over the past two years," he told Kotaku.

To receive a game, patrons must download and install the 3MB Amazon Games & Software Downloader. The move to digital distribution follows Amazon's acquisition of casual games developer and distributor Reflexive Entertainment last fall.

As with other digital distribution platforms, such as Valve's Steam, allows buyers to download a purchased game multiple times from a variety of computers. via shacknews

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