Valve reports 32.8 million total units sold since Half-Life

For ten years, Valve has produced some of gaming's best titles. Now the independent developer has disclosed the retail sales figures for its biggest games, putting the total number of units sold at 32.8 million.

The figures, published in a Gamasutra report based on a Game Informer magazine profile, do not include sales from Valve's digital distribution service Steam. When Half-Life 2 was simultaneously released at retail and on Steam in 2004, analysts estimated digital sales to be 25 percent of retail. Valve founder Gabe Newell said he projects digital sales of his company's games will surpass retail sales this year.

Half-Life - 9.3 million

Half-Life: Opposing Force - 1.1 million

Half-Life: Blue Shift - 800,000

Counter-Strike (PC) - 4.2 million

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero - 2.9 million

Counter-Strike: Source - 2.1 million

Counter-Strike (Xbox) - 1.5 million

Half-Life 2 - 6.5 million

Half-Life 2: Episode One - 1.4 million

The Orange Box (PC and consoles) - 3 million

Left 4 Dead (PC and consoles) - projected 3.6 to 3.9 million (not included in total figure)

According to statistics on Wikipedia, Half-Life's sales numbers rank it as the sixth highest-selling PC game of all time, behind StarCraft's 9.5 million units. Half-Life 2 ranks seventh, just above Myst's 6 million units. At number one, The Sims has sold 16 million units.

Half-Life would rank around number 22 in a list of highest-selling games from all consoles.

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