Release of E-Commerce-Powered Zip Technology Built On Amazon Web Services Cloud Infrastructure

(1888PressRelease) December 18, 2008 - Kordor Electronics, a privately owned New York company is giving the popular zip format a Web 3.0 makeover. The company today announced the release of the Retail Zip® Format-as-a-Service (FaaS)™ for Windows and Mac OS X computer systems.

Retail Zip is a patented container file format that combines the familiar user interface of a zip program with the online power of cloud computing and e-commerce. Unlike other zip formats that archive data on a hard drive inside a compressed container, Retail Zip archives uncompressed data onto secure online servers located in USA or Europe, reducing the zip file size to less than 1 kilobyte per package.

Until now, setting up a retail website designed to facilitate millions of downloads was an expensive and bandwidth-demanding task for webmasters. By integrating the cloud infrastructure of Amazon Web Services, Kordor has ensured that their e-commerce powered zip format can handle an unlimited amount of simultaneous users with automatic on-demand elastic computing power.

E-Commerce is embedded for 18 currencies with PayPal, allowing sellers to charge buyers for the privilege to extract digital goods. Extending the power of the payment system is a patented enhancement that can divide the sum of a payment to multiple partners and affiliates at the point-of-sale of a transaction.

The multi-payment integration of Retail Zip is represented by the trademarks “Split Payments” and “Viral Retail”. The Split Payments trademark is used to identify the overall process of real-time payment division, while Viral Retail represents the feature that can convert any buyer with a PayPal account into a reseller earning a bounty for units they sell. The company suggests that Viral Retail to the Web 3.0 social networks and blogosphere is what brick and mortar retail stores are to wholesalers. With the availability of Viral Retail, the company expects to convert many of today’s casual file traders into Retail Zip resellers.

To create a bridge between online content delivery and physical retail, the format utilizes the KodeKey Password System. KodeKeys are unique pin codes that can be generated and assigned to Retail Zip packages for digital distribution with Variable Data Print (VDP) media, such as paper inserts, flyers, and plastic gift cards. For diverse business models, such as membership communities and on-going concert tours, similar lists of passwords can be imported and activated for multiple archives.

Kordor has approved the use of KodeKeys with an advertisement-powered payment solution named Trialpay. Marketed as the alternative to online payment and shopping carts, Trialpay is an online payment option that lets shoppers purchase their product by completing one advertising offer from an accredited blue-chip company. This method of distributing digital products with Trialpay can be compared to advertisements contained in a free magazine or commercials displayed during a public television broadcast of a sporting event.

As a music business initiative, Kordor is promoting the option for performing artists to distribute music as an accessory to a concert ticket or to establish KodeKey deals with major car dealers that will trade the latest music with potential buyers for a test drive.

A secondary zip format, without e-commerce, is included for professionals that need to archive and share large amounts of data. While some browser-based services offer free file sharing, downloading files from landing pages can become an offensive experience due to unsolicited adult material used for monetization. By providing a desktop solution to manage data uploads and downloads, Retail Zip allows users to retain the privacy of a data transfer session, while removing the threat of broken downloads due to website failures.

Optionally, the format can create super strong 1,344,000-bit password certificates called KKEYCERT to add additional access protection for content owners that need to share and sell private data. For users seeking forensic archiving, the format preserves all original date creation time-stamps, which is a feature targeted for the legal, government, and scientific data preservation industry.

Competing directly with data facilitators WHAM!NET, Savvis, Akamai, and Mainstream Data, Kordor seek to establish a connection with publishers of DVD, Blu-Ray, and Digital Cinema. Using the DDP, CMF, and MXF specifications, Retail Zip has been tested and approved for up to 1TB of single file archiving validated by rigorous 12-mode hash string calculation certification.

“Retail Zip can convert any URL-compatible internet location into a content distribution store”, says inventor and Chairman William G. Blanchard.

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