PC version of GTA IV to include SecuROM, no install limit


Don’t go burning your pre-order slips for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV in effigy just yet, dear readers yes, according to an unnamed Rockstar staffer, the title will implement the oft-decried SecuROM to prevent piracy, however, its imposed limitations aren’t too severe. Speaking to IGN, the Rockstar rep explained that the GTA IV disc will need to be in the drive in order to play the game, and the title must be registered online upon installation. However, we won’t be seeing a repeat of the drama that recently plagued Spore there’s no limit to the amount of times the game can be installed. Obviously, these rules are different for those who acquire the game via digital distribution, as retail services such as Steam have their own install limits and anti-piracy measures. We suggest checking out the aforementioned IGN interview if you’re currently suffering from a DRM-related panic attack.

via lastshepard

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