Silicon Knights Releases Too Human Sountrack

too human soundtrack

Silicon Knights has announced that the soundtrack for their third-person action game, Too Human, is now available for purchase. The musical CD, which was nominated for “Best Original Video Game Score” by the Hollywood Music Awards, features tracks from the game, such as “Relic”, “Path to Attrition”, “The World Tree” and “Gods and Chaos”, along with 16 other tracks.

All the music was originally scored by Silicon Knights’ composer, Steve Henifin, and performed by the FILMharmonic Orchestra and Choir Prague. This hour-long soundtrack is mixed in a continuous format with special extras and remixes which is selling for a suggested retail price of $15.98 via,, iTunes and the CD label’s own site Sumthing Distribution. I found it for $139.98 on Amazon and $9.99 on iTunes, so prices vary.

Based on Norse mythology, Too Human was retold as a technologically advanced lost civilization and the music, like the game, tries very hard to stick to the old Norse roots while telling a more futuristic tale. The soundtrack feature period instruments, such as the Hardanger, Lyre, Alpenhorn and Langeleik, and Old Norse vocals that are loosely based off of the Norse Eddur (old Norse poems and tales). Kind of like how Oraff based his choral interpretation of Carmina Burana off of poems and drinking songs written by a Goliard monk and two of his students called the Burana Codex.

The soundtrack runs the gambit of orchestral music, electronic/metal and ambient tracks that are made of layers sample-based sounds and evolving electronic sounding textures making the music Norse in presentation, but not exclusively Norse in sound.

So while the music and audio is Norse in its presentation, it is not exclusively Norse in its sound. All in all it is a very interesting soundtrack which, if you are a fan of this sort of music genre, you will enjoy it highly. I was honestly never really all that interested in playing the game, but I do like the soundtrack very much.

As usual, check with the above mentioned retailers to see if the Too Human Soundtrack is available in your region before getting overly excited. via FileFront

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