Inevitable Commerce: Retail vs. Digital

Posted by 1UP Staff on Oct 2nd, 2008

Inevitable Commerce: Retail vs. Digital
Should soaring digital-download sales make retailers nervous?

By Lara Crigger

"There is no question digital will overtake physical. It happened in music, and it will happen to our industry."

These are strong words from Microsoft VP of strategic marketing David Gosen, who gave the keynote address at Microsoft's U.K. Gamefest in August. But is it just another case of bigwig posturing, or is Gosen simply acknowledging the inevitable?

Only an ostrich hasn't noticed the astonishing growth in the digital-distribution market. All three consoles offer digital-distribution service, with Microsoft and Sony both introducing major upgrades to their systems this summer. MMO juggernaut Blizzard added digitally downloadable titles to their online store. Even apparently wants in -- a job posting on Gamasutra seeks employees for its newly formed "Software and Video Games Digital Technology Team."

via Clintisageek

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