GamersFirst Partners with K2 Network

The Canadian developer and K2 Network service are teaming up to make a social gaming title due out late 2009.

by David Radd on Wednesday, October 08, 2008

GamersFirst Partners with K2 Network

GamersFirst today announced a partnership with A2M. The service of K2 Network and the largest independent game developer in Canada will work together on an as yet unannounced "social gaming title." GamersFirst promises that the original title will be available late 2009.

"GamersFirst is continuing its growth with the development of our own IP," stated Joshua Hong, CEO and Founder, K2 Network/GamersFirst. "Being able to develop these new games assures that our gamers will have input as to what they like to see and allows us to put GamersFirst."

"This new partnership allows us to express our gameplay know-how to social online gaming," said Remi Racine, President and Executive Producer, A2M. "As an independent game developer, we have the freedom to create highly imaginary concepts and, working with our partners, put it in the hands of game fans. Our creativity, combined with our ability to answer the needs of expanding markets, will make the upcoming MMO projects key milestones." via GameDaily

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