Lime Wire Signs Distribution Deal With The Orchard

New York -

NEW YORK - Lime Wire LLC announces a partnership with The Orchard, a global leader in digital music and entertainment, to sell their expansive digital music catalogue of more than 1.2 million songs in the LimeWire Store. The current deal brings the total number of sound recordings available in the LimeWire Store to over two million open-MP3 downloads.

"The Orchard's top flight, broad and diverse music repertoire will enrich our users' music-buying experience. I believe this partnership will help expand the digital music market for us and will equally benefit our artist and label partners," said Lime Wire CFO Jesse Rubenfeld.

"We're pleased to support the LimeWire Store, a retail offering that protects copyrights while fairly compensating artists and labels," said Greg Scholl, President and CEO of The Orchard. "This exciting entrant to digital retail offers us a unique opportunity to connect our clients with an online audience of potentially millions of new customers."

LimeWire Store launched in the spring of 2008, selling 256kbps, DRM-free MP3s provided by partners including Redeye Distribution, Nettwerk Music Group, IRIS, and others. Its digital music offering has grown to include recordings by today's popular indie artists as well as classics from music legends. Lime Wire's music team is committed to providing participating artists and labels unique promotional opportunities with events, exclusive releases and targeted marketing.

About Lime Wire LLC

Lime Wire LLC ( develops powerful, sophisticated software offering an unparalleled user experience. Its signature products, LimeWire BASIC and LimeWire PRO, run on the decentralized Gnutella Network and are among the world's most popular peer-to-peer file sharing applications. Founded in 2000 by Chairman Mark Gorton, Lime Wire is a leader of innovative peer-to-peer software development and solutions in the file sharing industry. The company currently employs the largest number of expert Java developers at the forefront of the file sharing revolution. LimeWire Store sells high-quality, DRM-free MP3 downloads a la carte and through low-cost subscription plans. Intelligent product placement, unique editorial content, and links within Lime Wire's ecosystem are utilized to market and merchandise its licensed music. Additional titles from established and developing artists are produced and sold exclusively through LimeWire Store. The Lime Wire team enjoys a dynamic work environment at company headquarters in New York City.

About The Orchard®

The Orchard (NASDAQ: ORCD) controls and globally distributes more than 1.2 million songs and over 3,000 hours of video programming through hundreds of digital stores (e.g. iTunes, eMusic, Google, Netflix, V CAST) and mobile carriers (e.g. Verizon Wireless, Vodafone, Bell Canada, 3). With operations in 27 countries, The Orchard drives sales for its label, retailer, brand, and agency clients through innovative marketing and promotional campaigns; brand entertainment programs; and film, advertising, gaming and television licensing. A pioneer in digital music and media services, The Orchard fosters creativity and independence. via dBusinessNews

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