Funcom Solidifies Digital Distribution Deal

Content delivery software company Solid State Networks has partnered with Age of Conan (pictured) publisher Funcom with the goal of launching new digital distribution systems specifically built to deal with large game-oriented data files.

Solid State’s first association with Funcom took place during the April beta of Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, where the company managed to deliver two petabytes of data to over 100,000 beta testers in just the span of a few days. The companies have since expanded their relationship; in June, Solid State took on the delivery of Funcom’s Anarchy Online, and now provides a variety of online services for the publisher.

Solid State’s technology includes the use of a secure peer-to-peer transfer system based on BitTorrent paired with a more traditional content delivery network.

Trond Ystanes, operations manager at Funcom, said of the company, “Solid State Networks understands gaming and game delivery and they continue to demonstrate their ability to create solutions that help us to overcome the challenges of delivering large games electronically to a global audience. We are extremely excited to announce our partnership because it represents an opportunity to make significant steps in the evolution of game delivery.”

Solid State CEO Rick Buonincontri added, “We are proud to be playing such a crucial role in delivering Funcom’s games to players around the world and we will continue to strive to deliver the ultimate game acquisition experience as Funcom expands to other platforms and develops future projects.”

via Edge

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