Ubisoft Sues Disc Manufacturer Over Assassin's Creed Piracy

Assassin's Creed has sold millions of copies on consoles, but the game has only seen a comparative trickle of PC sales. Ubisoft is blaming a leak from Optical Experts Manufacturing for most of the game's PC woes.

Report: Ubisoft Sues Disc Manufacturer Over Assassin's Creed Piracy

Gamespot is reporting that Ubisoft is suing Optical Experts Manufacturing. The suit states that "an extraordinary breach of trust and gross negligence" from the Charlotte-based firm led to an employee taking Assassin's Creed home before its official release, where he posted it on the Internet in late February. The publisher is accusing OEM of gross negligence in its security procedures in allowing a copy of the game to leave the company's premises.

Ubisoft goes on to state that the pirated copies of the game circulating online traced back to an OEM employee residence and they say a copy of Assassin's Creed was later found at the employee's home. The French company claims that the title was downloaded over 700,000 times compared to U.S. sales of 40,000 (according to the NPD) and that the pirated version damaged Ubisoft's reputation because of a game crash bug that the company purposefully left in the pre-release version of the game.

The publisher is suing OEM for negligence, copyright infringement, and breach of contract for the sum of $10 million per claim in addition to legal fees. via GameDaily

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