Friday, August 08, 2008

PC Gaming Alliance Presentation During GCDC 08

PC Gaming Alliance Presentation During GCDC 08
The PC Gaming Alliance will speak about what ails the PC gaming industry and present results from the "Horizons" research report. The group will also talk about challenges like standardized minimum system requirements.

Today, the PC Gaming Alliance announced that it will be giving a presentation at the GC Developer's Conference in Leipzig, Germany. This event will be led by Randy Stude, President of the PCGA and director of Intel's Gaming Program Office. He'll present the results of the PC Gaming "Horizons" research report. Stude will also talk more generally about challenges for the industry, from promotions to standardized minimum system requirements.

The presentation will be taking place 2:30 PM in Room F on Conference Floor Level 0 and is open to all interested parties. For a full list of events for the GC Developer's Conference, please visit More details about the PC Gaming Alliance can be found here.

via GameDaily

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