Thursday, August 07, 2008

GameTap for sale: non smoker no pets

Turner's online gaming site GameTap is up for sale, according to a financial report from parent Time Warner.

"The current year quarter included an $18 million noncash impairment of GameTap as a result of Turner's decision to sell its online videogame business," read Time Warner's second quarter earnings release on Wednesday.

A GameTap rep told Edge on Wednesday that no final agreement with any specific suitor has been established.

“There is considerable marketplace interest in the GameTap business and brand. We are considering various strategic options but have reached no final agreement as yet. When there is a resolution, we will announce it," he stated.

GameTap launched in 2005, and offers games distributed online for a monthly fee. The service also offers digital downloads, as well as a selection of free games.

Much of GameTap's library consists of classic PC and arcade-originated titles, although newer titles and original games are also offered.
via Edge

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